When we heard word that Florida Georgia Line had been dropped from a recent show in Sioux City at Tyson Event Center it didn't really surprise us. When I band 'gets hot,' like Florida Georgia Line is right now they tend to fall off as opening acts and either take on bigger shows or open for 'bigger still' acts.  They are smokin' hot right now.

It's been less than a year since their first song 'Cruise' actually started playing on radio stations across the United States. Now they are boasting record sales of 2 million for their album 'Here's to the Good Times' and their latest 'Get Your Shine On' is sliding it's little sugar shaker on up the Country Music Charts.

Today we read in The Boot,

"It's a surreal feeling to be a part of something so special and literally see our dreams coming true," the group's Brian Kelley tells The Boot upon receiving the plaques pictured above from their record label today (March 26).

"These plaques are a testament to our team and the hard work everyone around us puts into our career."


"Seeing, hearing, and being a part of FGL and everything that has happened in the last year has been a dream come true," adds bandmate Tyler Hubbard. "I feel truly blessed to have the best team in the world and fans that support BK and me. There is nothing we would rather do than make music and play our songs. Fingers crossed we will be able to continue this crazy ride for a long time."


We're anxious to see how they come out at the ACM's next month.  They're up for New Artist of the Year.  It's just a guess, but we're thinking they have a pretty good shot.