Ok, who washed their car?  That was the question running through my mind when I woke up early this morning and saw the unfamiliar sight of pavement shining under the streetlights.  Finally a little rain!

I've been waiting.  Lawns have been waiting.  Fields have been crying.  Farmers and ranchers have been praying.  It was a long, hot summer.  Finally a little rain.

I bring up the word little because according to the experts it will not be enough to catch us up from our summer long drought. That being said, finally a little rain.

The rain this morning reminds us though to replace wiper blades that are streaking and finish up preparing the house for the winter months. The colder weather also had us looking for warmer jackets and maybe a hat too.

The rain this morning will help me with my deer hunting.  I've been waiting for a rain that would produce some tracks and let me know if I need to reposition a tree stand.  And the rain this morning just smells good.  Finally a little rain.

All this talk about fall and rain is getting me hungry.  Next time I'll write about comfort foods.  For now, this may be enough.  Finally, a little rain.