JD here.  Awesome day again at DakotFest yesterday  in Mitchell.  Crowds looked great and the vendors were in top form.  If you've ever wanted to immerse yourself in the agriculture community DakotaFest is a great way to jump in the pool.

I spent yesterdayas the host of the chute demonstrations at the Northwest Veterinary and Supply tent.  Doc Barz is a rock star (in my opinion) in the world of Veterinary Science.   I've also come to realize that he's beyond rock star in the world of relating to people.  Some of my best encounters with  real "thinkers" during the year come in short 30 second bursts with this  guy.  I'm impressed not only with him, but with his entire staff.  They SMILE!  All the time!

Today  is a big day at DakotaFest.  We'll have the auction for the SDSU Cow Calf Operation that suffered a tragic fire earlier this year.  That's at 1:00 p.m. Stop by.  Bring your wallet!  And help keep our ag tradition firing on all cylinders on Thursday.

The final day of DakotaFest is today.  I can't wait!