So, I get home from the Skyforce game Tuesday Night and I'm hungry as a horse.  Ok, not a real horse, but you know what I mean. And on the way home I'm thinking to myself...'Man, I'm Hungry!'  Now, I'm not just hungry, I'm fat Tuesday Hungry!  Today  kicks of the Lenten season with Ash Wednesday.  Since I'm Catholic it's been on my mind for a couple of days.

I'm kind of like a kid when it comes to Lent.  I'm thinking about fasting(which most Catholics do) and most of all, I'm thinking that I won't be eating meat today  So here's where it gets tricky.   I'm hungry.  There is some leftover chili in the fridge.  It's a darn good batch.  But I had some for supper last night and it gave me a wicked case of heartburn.  Since I don't have a Rolaid in the house (that's another story for another time) I opt for bed snack number 2!  The super FAT TUESDAY SANDWICH.

You see, while they were partying their tails off in New Orleans I'm here trying to concoct something that will resemble a 'treat.'  Like I said, I'm a bit of a kid when it comes to Lent.  So, what should I have. Oh, What do we have here?  Girl Scout Cookies.  Thin Mints.  Yes, but I want something with a little more substance. I spot the bread.  Remember the peanut butter in the cabinet?  The plan is starting to come together!  Molly the black lab is standing by me drooling on the floor, wondering if she'll be lucky enough to get a sample. The silverware drawer comes's a slice of whole wheat bread...a quick slab of peanut butter...and before I fold that half sandwich over it hits me.  'Thin mints on peanut butter!'

I hit the fridge for some cold water to wash it down.  Snap a shot of it on the Galaxy S3 that I use courtesy of Sprint-Sioux Falls, and it's off to the recliner to type a quick story or two before bed. Verdict?  Not...too....bad.

I'm kind of excited for Lent this year.  Maybe it's cause Lent means spring is coming.  Maybe it's because of the Pope's announcement of his retirement at the end of the month.  Maybe it's cause I know 'lent' means it's a little easier to bear down on my eating habits.  Or maybe, just maybe it's nearly 52 years of age I'm finally 'growing up enough,' to actually prepare for lent.

We don't 'talk' about religion much here at Kickin' Country.  We know 'many' of you are regular church goers.  Over the years I've asked a lot of people, 'what brand are you' when it comes to church.  Lot's of Lutherans around these parts, and other denominations too.  Wherever you go, however you believe, here's hoping you have a meaningful Lenten season and wonderful Easter.

Oh, by the way, the sandwich...was awesome!  And spring is on the way!