You know how some sports teams in the NBA, and development leagues, offer an opportunities at home games for one lucky fan to hit a shot from half-court to win a sweet prize or a pile of money?

And you, the spectator, returning to your seat after a refill of tepid tap beer and nachos when you're thinking to yourself, "Right, like that's gonna happen. It's 47 feet of pure luck and  thousands of fans watching. Right."

Here comes Michael Drysch, who won a chance at a nice pile of money. Halftime at a Miami Heat home game Friday night. Using a perfectly executed hook shot...he scores! Ka-ching for $75,000!

NBA superstar LaBron James, who apparently couldn't contain himself, rushes onto the court to... um, congratulate the fan? Sure,or tackle him.

The teams are insured in case of a miracle, so there’s little risk of payout. For the most part, though, players stay out of it  — which makes this one all the more special.