This Saturday at 3:44 p.m. central time we will start a new season.  Fall!  There are a couple of things I found interesting about my favorite time of the year so I thought I would share them with you.  First of all, some quick facts about the Autumnal Equinox.  The equinoxes occur when the hemispheres equally face the Sun.  Bottom line, the Sun rises due east and sets due west and that's just for starters.

This year has been remarkably different than most years.  We had very little snow.  We had an unusually warm winter and spring.  A very early spring and planting season.  We had the driest summer on record and one of the hottest summers as well.  That has a lot of people wondering what kind of winter we're going to get this year.

According to the Farmers Almanac much of Kickin' Country will have either a mild and dry winter (eastern part of Kickin' Country)  or a mild and wet winter west of the James River Valley.   For now, there is no talk of bitter cold temperatures or a lot of snow.

Now that we have some of the facts out of the way, Kickin' Country would like to know, what's your favorite part about fall?   I have 10 of my favorite things listed below.   Feel free to add yours!

1.   Cooler temperatures.  After this summer who would disagree.

2.  Leaves changing color on trees.  They're changing already.

3.  Money I found in a jacket I wore last year.  I found a $10 just this morning.

4.  Football

5.  Harvest

6.  Fire pits.  They aren't nearly as nice on a hot summer evening

7.  Outdoor activities.  I love it when you have to debate if you need a jacket or not!

8.  Sleeping with the window open.  I love the sound of the outdoors at night

9.  Shorter days.  I actually feel like I am getting more done when I wake up and it's still dark!

10.  Hunting!   I'm already preparing and making plans to do as much pheasant hunting with family and friends as I can.  Oh and don't forget Bowhunting.  It is the one time all year that I actually slow down, sit still and listen and wait.  The only time!  I can't wait to get up in a tree in the dark and not get down till it's dark once again. I'll write more about this coming up soon.  Oh, I already have cleared the calender for the end of October and the first 10 days of November.    I can't wait!  Fall starts Saturday!