Update--Sad news to report.  According to Q13Fox.com, Logan Stevenson, who served as best man at his Mom and Dad's wedding died Monday evening in his mother's arms.

“At 8:18 my son took his last breath in my arms,” his mother, now known as Christine Swidorsky-Stevenson, wrote Monday night. “I’m so sad upset and I’m in disbelief he is with angels and he’s in no more pain. No more sickness, no more hospitals.”

When doctors determined that Logan had only weeks to live, his parents pushed up the wedding date and had the wedding ceremony over the weekend so he could serve as best man.

Looking every bit the little gentleman in his tiny grey pinstripe suit and orange shirt, 2 year old Logan Stevenson served as the best man at his parents wedding.

It was especially emotional because little Logan has only weeks to live.  He suffers from leukemia and other complications. His parents abandoned their original plan to get married in July 2014 after they learned from doctors that Logan has only a few weeks to live.

After family and friends helped them to stage the wedding, Logan's mother, Christine Swidorsky, carried him on her shoulder.  After the twelve minute ceremony that also symbolized the celebration of Logan's life, Swidorsky joyously kissed his father Sean Stevenson and announced "We're married!" to the happy guests. Through her tears, Swidorsky said, "This is our dream come true!"