Our good friends Dustin Evans and Tim Deets stopped by the Kickin' Country studios today, number one to brighten our day with their good spirits and number two to tell us a little bit about the gig they're playing tonight.  Dustin Evans and Good Times are playing Grand Falls Casino.

Also playing Saturday night at Grand Falls Casino is Clay Walker.  Clay was nice enough to call Jammin' Jay earlier this week to talk about 'his show,' tonight at Grand Falls Casino. (9:00 p.m.)

It' was great seeing Tim and Dustin again, we did quite a bit of scheming and planning and if a couple stars would happen to line up, we could be having a pretty fun time sometime soon.

Oh, and Dustin...I'd love to sit in on a songwriting session sometime in Nashville.  I'd bring my black book of 'cool lines' that don't have anywhere to go.