At Kickin' Country, we knew sooner or later that baby giraffe was going to need a name.  Well, we posted that question, " a few weeks ago, what do you think The Great Plains Zoo should name their newest addition.

Here are some of the names....all of them very cool!

Stretch, Kicker, Jeffery, Stanley, Keeper, Ace, Speedy, High Tower, George
Patches, shorty, Stretch, Dave, Gismo and Zippy.

Looks like Stretch is a fan favorite so far.  We'll be in touch with the Zoo and keep you
up to date on what they end up using as a name.

Well, they have decided it's time to name that baby!  Here's an excerpt from their website.

From Wednesday, Oct. 3 through Sunday, Oct. 14, people will be able to suggest a name for the calf for a $10 donation.  After that point until Sunday, Oct. 28, the public will be able to vote for their favorite name for a $1 donation.  Voting opportunities are available at the Zoo, online, or by mailing a name entry and donation to the Great Plains Zoo, 805 S. Kiwanis Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57104.  All proceeds will go directly to benefit the animals at the Great Plains Zoo, a non-profit organization.

The person who submits the winning name will have an opportunity to meet a giraffe up-close, and the Zookeepers who care for the Zoo's giraffe herd.

If you'd like more information on formally naming the new giraffe at the Great Plains  Zoo we have it for you here!