Krystal Keith, Toby Keith's daughter, has just released a new single, called Daddy, Dance With Me from her self-titled album. It was written as a surprise for Toby, so they could dance to it on Krystal's wedding day.

The song left everyone at the reception in tears, except for Toby.  "He did not cry," Krystal said. "We had 65 people in Cabo, and every single person was completely bawling. He walked off and my husband said, 'That didn't even get you a little bit? You didn't cry at all?' He said, 'I almost shed a tear, but I'm a professional.' He's in control of his emotions."

Krystal did admit that Toby was taken aback by the song.  She said he was shocked that she pulled it off, because nobody can ever pull anything over on Toby.   "So the fact that I kind of pulled one over on him surprised him."