Do you feel more optimistic by just living in Sioux Falls?  According to Sioux Falls is #1 in Most Optimistic Residents.

Sioux Falls earned it's #1 ranking with a score of 77.7%.  Those sour pusses to the south of us in Des Moines came in #2 with a meager 76.6%.

Gallup also says:

In communities with higher satisfaction rates, residents are more likely to be optimistic that the area is improving than are residents of communities with lower satisfaction rates.

Among the 10 communities with the lowest levels of satisfaction, six are also on the list of communities with the 10 lowest levels of optimism.

3 of the communities with the highest levels of satisfaction among residents are among the 10 communities where residents are most likely to say the community is getting better.

In Rockford, the community with the lowest satisfaction rate, 39.7% of residents said the community is improving -- the third-lowest score in the nation.

Top-5 Scoring:
Sioux Falls, SD - 77.7%
Des Moines, IA - 76.6
Lafayette, LA - 76.1%
Provo, UT - 75.5%
Holland-Grand Haven, MI - 74.8

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