Have you ever had a song that you totally misinterpreted? Well, it was a 'swing and a miss' with me on this song. Man, this one got by me!

I was dumpster dredging the other night (surfing the internet) and came across a gem of a headline that caught my attention and the story made me swallow hard.

The title:  That “Cotton-Eye Joe” Song Is Actually About STDs, And Your Childhood Is Ruined

I caught the story on BuzzFeed. Sure enough, pull the lyrics up on the song. Now guys hold on, this is gonna make you a little squeamish. This comes from the world famous Urban Dictionary.

The act of a man having his urethra swabbed by a qtip to test for S.T.D.s
Or just another name for S.T.D.s because you have to get the swabing.
Term made most famous by Sweedish tecno/folk/bluegrass band Rednex with there verson of the song Cotton Eye Joe in 1994. "If it hadnt been for cotton eye joe I'd been married a long time ago. Where did you come from where did you go?" "Where did you come from cotton eye joe?"
Since Rednex's release of there recording in 1994 the song and dance have been seen and heard in countless talent shows and school dances around the world. Song also featured on Kidz Bop childrens sing along cds.

If only they knew.

So, back to the 'words to the song by Rednex.'

He brought disaster wherever he went
The hearts of the girls was to hell broken sent
They all ran away so nobody would know
and left only men cause of Cotton-Eye Joe

If it hadn't been...
If it had't been...

If it hadn't been...
If it hadn't been...

If it hadn't been...

If you're like me, all I can say is 'sorry.' Hate to break the word to you on that.

(Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images)