Every time we get a cold morning, I mean below zero, I always start to wonder if it's going to go down as the coldest day of the year.

Yesterday the Sioux Falls School District called off school because of the extreme cold and fierce winds.  At first I thought it was a bit extreme, but then I walked outside and thought it was probably a good idea they didn't have kids trying to walk to school.  I do know though, from being a parent, that many of us rely on the school as 'daycare' so to speak.  If you found yourself scrambling, I know what you were feeling.

I kind of enjoy the cold.  It kind of 'sets the graph' with me.  Remember the day last summer when we got up into the 100's and when you jumped in to your car you saw some astronomical numbers?  The cold weather is the extreme difference of those days.

Oh, and how about your cars and trucks.  Vehicles don't seem to like the extreme weather either.  Here's hoping that your batteries held up and your ride started when you needed it.

So, was that the coldest day of the year that we'll see this year Thursday morning?  Time will tell.   Stay warm!