Photo by Isaac

"Sorry, kids, you'll have to leave the room while Daddy deals with this toy packaging." I didn't want a swear word slip out. Really, what is the deal with the Fort Knox security packages?

My oldest son received a remote control truck for a Christmas present. The day after Christmas I brewed the coffee and began untwisting the wires that held the truck securely to the box. After removing 8 little wires I then moved on to those nifty little plastic turny-things that really don't appear to serve any purpose.

Then, I actually found a piece of twine that was actually strung through an extra piece of cardboard at the base of the packaging. After a little closer inspection, I realized that the string was simply holding the cardboard in place. There was absolutely no reason for that piece.

The toy also came with an action figure, a road block, and a demotion car. All of which were secured tightly in place by bolts and screws. I had more tools laying around than Jimmie Johnson's pit crew after a rough night a Dover Speedway. Good grief! Did they really think these things were going to fall out?

12 minutes later and a return ticket from the Land of a Thousand Twist-Ties, there were several more toys waiting for me. It made me think of my dad when he used to do the same for me. However, I don't really remember the packaging being that tough when I was a kid.

Dan Collins