I have this love, hate relationship going on with Christmas.  I love it when it gets here, but some times the getting ready is more than I want!

This year it started with Halloween.  That's when we first started seeing Christmas decorations in stores.  Too early?  Most would say 'yes!'

But if you check your calender, retailers only have 4 weekends to, in many cases, make their entire year.

Pencil in activities and events that most everyone schedules on weekends and things get hectic fast.  Oh, and include having to go to two sets of households, which many folks do, and things get crazy even faster.

That's why when I had the chance this weekend with the nice weather, I got my biggest Christmas chore done.  The lights on the outside of the house.

My wife had mentioned 'different' lights again this year.  That seems to be the norm every 3 or 4 years.  This year was pretty much the same.

We headed off the to the store and decided to go with new newer, energy saving LED lights.  I have to admit, they look pretty sweet.  And yes, they do look better 'all lit' than having that three foot section of last years lights that stood out like a sore thumb.

But hey, they're up.  No falls from the roof or the ladder, and no injuries to report.  Yes, that is always a good thing.

I have to admit, it's kind of fun looking around the neighborhood while your up on the roof.  It does bring a different perspective. And it's kind of fun to compare your efforts to your neighbors too.  Our street is starting to look pretty festive!

How about you? Are the lights up at your place?  Let us know and if you get a chance take a quick picture and show off your efforts.

Oh, and now that the lights are up and some of the presents are bought, we can get to thinking about the real meaning of Christmas.