Ok, I admit.  I'm a child of the '70's.  Or as my 17 year old son Tad calls me, 'old as hell.'  So, yesterday I stumbled on a 'factoid, or better said, a flashback of my childhood,' and suddenly I was in high school wearing a white belt and a tight pullover sweater.  Oh, and in my dream I also had hair.

The piece of my childhood I'm talking about was the Cheech and Chong song Basketball Jones.

I read a blurb about it yesterday that I never knew.  It read that a couple of my musical idols growing up, George Harrison (guitar) and Carol King (piano) actually play on Basketball Jones by Cheech and Chong.

So that got me thinking...man I'll find a video of that song.  Man, I'm gonna find a picture of me when I was in high school.

Pic by Mike Welfl Flickr

Thanks to a class mate I haven't seen for 32 years, Mike Welfl,  I found this pic on Flickr.  I'm the dork on the left. The others in the picture all went on to be rich and successful.  As for me?  Well, I did get rid of those retro Nike tennis shoes.

I know, this is a long way to go for a video of Cheech and Chong's Basketball Jones. But it got me thinking about old times.

Growing up in Lyman County.  High school days.

Wow.  Maybe Tad is right.

Old as hell.