Well, this is different. Number one, I'm taking a day off.

I told myself that I was going to take at least one day off per month through the course of the year. Last year I ended up not using all of my vacation like many people do. Part of my new years resolution was to use 'em and not lose em.

So, today, my youngest son Tad and I are on the road.  He's driving. I'm riding and we're off to Aberdeen for a campus visit at Northern State University.

We're no strangers to the ride up, or the campus for that matter. Our middle son, Logan is a Junior at NSU. So, we're on on way and going to make it a 'boys night out.'

This morning I was up early and Cody Alan was playing 'Don't Blink' by Kenny Chesney. I have to say that when I heard it and thought about the day and the weekend that I was about to 'live,' it rang true.

Don't blink. Don't blink parents. Don't blink young adults. Time seems like it's creeping by, when in essence it's flying. Fast.

I'd love to hear from you. Are you going through something like this in your life now?  Maybe you're the student. We'd like to hear what your story is today.

Whatever you're up to this weekend, try to take some time and soak it up and drink it in. And like Kenny Chesney sang, 'Don't Blink.'