Dierks Bentley is readying the fall release of his next album, Riser, on Capitol Records Nashville. Dierks has released a clip to Rolling Stone for its lead single, "Bourbon in Kentucky," which features country songstress Kacey Musgraves. The song is a tribute to Bentley's father's death. Riser was written and recorded one year after he passed.

It's different reasons for different folks – could be personal reasons, could be family reasons, your job, drugs, alcohol. That song really applies to anybody that's lived. There have always been those moments when we have to get back up and get on our feet. They are defining moments . . . breakthrough moments." - Dierks Bentley - Rolling Stone Magazine


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source: Lauren Musacchio Rolling Stone Magazine

Who could forget the picture that Dierks posted on Whosay holding the hand of his dying father.  Check it out here.