A robbery at bait shop in Rochester, Minnesota, was thwarted when the bumbling burglar was apparently startled by a motion activated Big Mouth Billy Bass.

Someone broke into Hooked on Fishing bait and tackle shop but was scared away thanks to the store's guard fish.

Nothing was taken in the break-in. Perhaps the loud tinny rendition of "Take Me To the River"  frightened the intruder away, according to the Star-Tribune

According to authorities, Billy Bass was found on the floor, apparently knocked down when the intruder kicked the door in. Also, nothing was missing, nary a minnow, even though money was "in a very visible spot." Really? Who leaves money in a very visible spot? Perhaps the same guy who relies on mounted fish for security.

According to Sgt. Tom Claymon, Mr. Bass "took one for the team."

So far there are no suspects, but  the notorious hit-fish, "Frankie" doesn't seem to have an alibi.

Photo by Dan Collins