After 3 months of swimming, camping, and, family road-trip vacations, it's back to the halls of learning. If your kids are like mine it's a mixed bag of emotions.

My youngest son is ready for his first day of kindergarten and is very excited to meet new friends and learn. My oldest, who is entering the 2nd grade, is not too excited about entering the classroom.

I can understand, though. Summer has been packed with amusement parks, camping sites, fishing beautiful lakes, lots of movie nights, and fighting over the little magnet thingies on car-trip bingo boards. What's not to love about that, right?

So, here's to you, teachers of Kickin' Country, may you lead those little minds with courage and patience. Here's to you, moms and dads, may you find a little quiet time during the day knowing your young ones are in good hands.

And, here's to you kids, for you are America's future.  Do your very best and on behalf of parents everywhere, we love you, and, we are very proud of you!