After some of the longer trips Augustana has had to make this year, (Duluth, Winona) the Vikings get a bit of a break.  Playing in the Northern Sun League means a lot of time spent in a bus either going to or coming from a game.  This weekend the Vikings  travel to The University of Sioux Falls and to Southwest Minnesota State in Marshall, Minnesota.That's a nice break for Coach Tom Billeter and the team.

I don't know what the coaches and faculty expected when this group of freshmen came in but I can't help but wonder if they aren't a bit surprised at the success this team has had.  They are 5-4 on the road but only have one loss at the Elmen Center against 12 wins.  In short, the team has 'quietly' put together a pretty darn nice season.

I had the chance to sit at the table with Jeff Fylling the other night during the Augie game.  It's a great place to sit cause you can hear coach Billeter and the rest of his staff forming strategy and encouraging his team. You can't go to an Augie game and not recognize this is a pretty darn good program in the ranks of D2 sports.  Yes, the players can play but they all seem to be young men that will be first in line to get hired and really excel at whatever they do.

If you haven't been to a college game for a while, I encourage you to get out and see a game.  Soak in some of the environment.  I think you'll like what you see.

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Friday February 15, USF

Saturday February 1 SWMSU