The world of twitter has been buzzing lately with tweets of how Blake allegedly had an affair with a 23 year old model.  Blake quickly responded with a tweet of his own saying,

"Hey @mirandalambert… I just read in a tabloid that our marriage is falling apart! FOCK!" he wrote jokingly.


Lambert, 29, was just as flippant in her reply.


"Oh no! Can't wait to read if we make it or not," Miranda shot back  to which Shelton heartily wrote: "Ba! Ha! Ha! You see y'all! I'm making her funnier!"


This one is going to be a blast watching it unfold.  And if Blake Shelton is anything like the 'Blake Shelton,' I've come to know after following him for years on twitter, he won't let us down.  Blake is a guy that seems to 'have fun,' doing whatever he's doing.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not cheering for anything bad should happen to Blake and Miranda and their relationship at all.  In fact, I'm rooting that they keep making light of the situation.

There are so many 'serious people' in the world who take everything as literally as they can.  Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are pretty darn refreshing in going against that grain!  All the time! And if anyone can get something started and get it trending world wide, it's Blake Shelton!