Let me get this straight.  A couple decades ago we were 'teasing this guy cause he said he invented the internet,' or cause he couldn't spell potato correctly?  Wait a minute.  That's Dan Quayle on the potato spelling issue.  Anyway, is this the same Al Gore guy we're talking about here?

The reason I say that is because Al is 'back in the news' today as one of the hot topics.  The reason he's being talked about today?  Money.  Big Money!

According to CNBC:

Gore -- a director on Apple's board -- exercised an option to purchase nearly 60,000 shares of the tech giant at the bargain basement price of $7.48, costing him a total of about $445,000.

But with Apple's current market price at about $500 a share, Gore's holdings are worth $29.75 million, giving him a huge windfall-on paper at least.

Cah Ching!  But wait, there's more.

In early January, the environmental crusader sold his Current TV venture to Qatar-based news organization Al Jazeera for $500 million. Published reports say the sale of Gore's 20 percent stake in the network - worth an estimated $100 million - would bring his net worth to about $300 million.

What do you say to that?  I say, 'atta boy Al!

Well, it got me wondering.  If you could take a little rubbing and a little heat today and turn it into, say $300 million in 20 years would you?  I'm thinking...maybe it was me who invented the internet.