This is perhaps the best way I can think of to ring in the start of a new baseball season!

With just a short five-and-a-half hour drive from Sioux Falls, you can be transported to a little piece of 'baseball heaven' - the iconic set from the 1989 movie Field of Dreams in the Eastern Iowa town of Dyersville.

Tens of thousands have flocked there over the past 29 years, but now there's a new reason to go.

You can spend the night there!

The guest house at the century-old Lansing family farm is available for overnight stays. For about $1,400 per couple, you can have what they call the 'Ray Kinsella Experience', named after Kevin Costner's character in the film.

The package includes a one-night stay in an upstairs bedroom, Field of Dreams commemorative baseball, a bottle of wine, wine glasses, picnic tablecloth, DVD of the movie with popcorn, actor Dwier Brown’s (Kevin Costner’s dad in the film) book, 'If You Build It', and a $25 gift card towards a breakfast at a local Dyersville restaurant.

Secure your reservations now thru the website




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