The University of Wyoming's football coach Dave Christensen was suspended for one game Monday and given a $50,000 fine for his post-game tirade following their loss to Air Force.

A one game suspension? Really?

Christensen's tirade against Air Force coach Troy Calhoun was unconscionable.  Every other word used was the f-bomb.  Christensen used language that would make a sewer rat blush and then went so far as to insult Calhoun's military career, ironically, on Military Night of all nights in Laramie!  I was shocked!  So shocked that there's no way I could even think of posting the video on this site.

Christensen was upset because he thought Air Force feigned an injury to buy more time after their quarterback lost his helmet and had to sit out one play.

Dave Christensen's behavior was more than over-the-top.  If he thinks nothing of talking to the opposing head coach with such language, imagine how he treats his players.  The young men in the Cowboy program did not have a role model in their coach last Saturday evening.

More importantly, kids in every program at every level from pee-wee league to Division I need a leader with true moral and ethical fiber.  Football may teach some valuable lessons about life, but it's the life lessons a leader like a coach must instill in his kids that will make a difference in their lives as well as others long after they step off the gridiron.

A one game suspension? Really?  The young men in the Cowboy program deserve better.  So does the University of Wyoming, the fans and college football.