Mojo Rawley part of the lineup set to invade the Denny Sanford Premier Center tonight!

This will be for the first ever WWE Smackdown Live in South Dakota!

I found out some cool facts about Mojo, like he used to play for the Green Bay Packers, and one of his mentors was Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat!

We battled it out in the studio this morning to see who was wearing the loudest suit, and played a round of WWMD?

I gave Mojo some scenarios and he told me What Would Mojo Do?

If you had to pick between being a profession in one of these sports:

-Cage Fighter

-Basketball Player

-Olympic Badminton Player 

What Would Mojo Do?

Mojo: Oh man! Are you kidding me? Not even a question! Olympic Badminton Player!

If you had to pick your walkout music to one of the following pop songs:

-Baby One More Time by Britney Spears

- Bye Bye Bye by NYSYNC

-Love Yourself by Justin Bieber

What Would Mojo Do?

Mojo: Ooooh! Gottta go NYSYNC, Bye Bye Bye!

Help me pick a pro wrestling name for myself from the following names:

-Papa Smurf

-Johnny Funyuns


What Would Mojo Do?

Mojo: Travesty is nice, but how do you go over Johnny Funyuns, you get that extra paycheck from Funyuns, gotta go Funyuns baby!

Pick a tag team partner from the following lineup for your match tonight out at the Premier Center:

-The Ultimate Warrior

-Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat

-Johnny Funyons

What Would Mojo Do?

Mojo: Well, 99% of the time I go Warrior because that was my icon, that was who I looked up to as a kid, but if Johnny Funyuns is on the list lets go baby, Johnny Funyuns!

Tickets for tonight start at $15, to get yours click here. Go cheer on Mojo Rawley and Johnny "in my dreams" Funyuns.

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