Bret Hart was in the middle of giving his WWE Hall of Fame induction speech when a Lincoln, Nebraska man jumped into the ring to attack him.

ABC News is reporting that Zachary Madsen of Lincoln jumped the ring and attacked Hart during the WWE's annual celebration. Madsen proceeded to tell police that he felt like it was the "right moment" to punch Hart. He is now spending time in a Brooklyn jail and faces charges of criminal trespassing.

Madsen was brought down to the ground and removed from the arena after attempting the attack. Some wrestlers even made sure to give him a gift of a couple of shots to the face before he was sent to the slammer.

(Language warning in the videos below)

Thankfully, Hart was not hurt in the attack and was able to continue and finish his induction speech for the Hart Foundation. This is the first, and hopefully only, time that a situation like this has occurred during the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.

ABC News also reports that Madsen has a prior criminal record in Lincoln and was arrested for stalking an MMA fighter this past year.

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