Gable Steveson's world flipped upside down about as quickly as he turned around his Olympic medal match. Now he's decided his career path post-college.

Steveson won gold at the 2020 Summer Olympics this past August when he defeated Geno Petriashvili. Steveson was down 8-5 with 10 seconds left when he managed to score two takedowns for the 9-8 win.

The reaction was, as expected, huge around the country. Steveson became a house-hold name and had the world in his hands. Opportunitites and appearances started popping up. In a stretch of time, Steveson attended and met with the Bellator brass in Sioux Falls and then immediately flew to Las Vegas to make an appearance at WWE's Summerslam event.

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After weeks of discussion and planning, Steveson has announced where he will go post-college. The answer? The WWE.

WWE has signed Steveson to a deal that will allow him to train remotely and have access to the WWE's Performance Center in Orlando while finishing his college wrestling career. Steveson has one more year of eligibility left at the University of Minnesota. The deal is for multiple years according to ESPN.

Steveson becomes another high-level amateur wrestler and Olympian to join the WWE. Former Olympian Kurt Angle made a huge name for himself in the WWE. South Dakota native and former NCAA Champion Brock Lesnar did the same. Olympic weightlifter Mark Henry is also a WWE Hall of Famer.

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