If you're looking for a weekend, getaway home by a lake in Minnesota, the perfect lodge is now on the housing market.

This Minnesota lodge and land can all be yours. Yep, you can have the whole lot too!  This property sits on approximately 497.8 acres. It actually looks like you're living on your own private island.

This glorious Minnesota lodge and property is located in Ortonville which is just under two and a half hours away from Sioux Falls. The property is known as the "Bentsen Bay Farm." It's the first time the property has been on the market, and it's truly a dream location for hunters. Zillow is advertising this property and lodge as a "one-of-a-kind hunting retreat." You and your guests can explore the outdoors during the day and relax by the lake and fire-pit at night.

The craftsmanship in this house is just breathtaking. It's a great vacation home for hunters as well as for families. But every dream home and property has a price. You can be the proud owner of the Bentsen Bay Farm for the grand total of...$1.89 million! Specifically, $1,895,000. So if you end up winning the lottery, this could be your first big purchase!

Take a look at these incredible photos of the lodge and the property warmly known as the Bentsen Bay Farm. More details about this spectacular lodge and its picturesque surroundings can be found on Zillow.

Stunning Minnesota Hunting Lodge

Minnesota is calling you with this amazing hunting lodge and property. The price is worth it.

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