Thanksgiving it rapidly approaching and, like many of us, there is one dish that Thomas Rhett will be passing on this year. Nope, it's not the green bean casserole or the candied yams, which most people tend to hate on.

Rhett says he just doesn't understand the hype around cranberry sauce. He doesn't specify it it's the homemade version, made with real, whole cranberries, that he doesn't like, or the gelatinous glop that comes from a can, he's just not into it, period.

“I think my least favorite Thanksgiving dish is like, the cranberry spread," he shares in an interview via his record label. "I’ve never understood that, why that is a part of Thanksgiving tradition. I need to probably go back into the history books to understand why, but that is one item that I skip over every time.”

Rhett will be enjoying another Thanksgiving with his family of six. He and his wife Lauren share four children together, Willa Gray, Ada James, Lennon Love and Lillie Carolina.

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