Sleeping well is a game changer and ask any health expert and they will tell you it is necessary for all sorts of reasons.

I'm one of those people who has been a sleep walker, dream talker, and wake most days feeling like sleep never happened.

There are no shortage of people out there who have wild dreams and often wake feeling like we are just as tired as we were before we went to bed.

I am one of those sleepers that goes into the dream land hoping for one of those beautiful utopia land dreams and instead dream about being at work.

Most of the time work dreams are often not enjoyable work experiences, you show up to a work dream and everything and everyone is wrong. And sometimes you show up naked.

I work at a country music radio station and this week I had a dream I was supposed to interview country singer Jake Owen.

Not a bad dream so far except when I showed up on location for the interview I didn't have any equipment for the interview.

I have no idea why my mind would think this scenario would be a peaceful way to spend the night.

I woke up feeling like I had been working all night and wanted to hop on google to find some answers.

I stumbled across Robert Half's article on 8 Steps to a Better Night Sleep.

I will be counting sheep tonight, hoping I stay punched out on my pillow.

Source: Robert Half


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