Let me tell you about my relationship with the trunk of my car. It's a love hate relationship. It's about a relationship built out of convenience and necessity and one of pure frustration caused by technology and more than likely absent minded behavior on my part. My trunk drives me crazy! 

This morning when I came out of the gym, which I will leave nameless for now but it rhymes with Mate Wife, and my trunk was wide (*&^ open. Now, normally that's not a bad thing. But two weeks ago, (that's part of my pain) two weeks ago I loaded that trunk up with stuff. Thankfully I had taken a huge bag of clothing to Goodwill. But still lurking in my trunk were a couple of items that might need a little explaining if someone happened to walk by and look in.

Take for instance, that gem of a frying pan. That thing has seen decades of bacon and burgers. Decades! I'm not sure my mom didn't receive it for a wedding gift when she was married. Then there's the printer that actually works, but my wife didn't like, (I didn't either) and a VCR that does not work. Don't forget the white plastic hanger that every trunk should have and a gross of hand warmers and small shovel to frantically use before I call for wrecker should South Dakota Wintertime conditions find me in the ditch.

I figure I would get a hall pass on the bounce sheets, because people might think I could go to a laundromat, and the black sweatshirt, understandable. But that frying pan, has What The (*&^ written all over it. 

Looks like I have a trip to make soon in Sioux Falls. According to SeamServices.com;

Sioux Falls Area Residents:  Bring electronics to the household hazardous waste facility for FREE recycling! All electronics recycled with the city end up at SEAM, the only certified e-recycler in the Dakotas. This means that all of your data will be destroyed and that all of your parts and pieces will be recycled. For more information, visit their website or call them at (605) 367-8695.

How about you? Ever come out of the store, or church or a concert to find you trunk wide open, exposing your stuff to the world? If you have, tell us in the comments below and thank you ahead of time for SHARING this story with family or friends who might have had this happen to them.

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