How many auto dealers are there in the United States? The Sioux Empire? Sioux Falls?

Lots. And lots. And lots.

But there's only one that can claim to be the oldest auto dealership in the United States. And it's not all that far from here.

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Just over there in the Gopher State, in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, is Tenvoorde Ford. And if it seems like the St. Cloud dealer has been there forever, well, not quite but close.

Starting out as a bicycle shop, Steve Tenvoorde began selling cars (or maybe horseless carriages) out of the shop in 1901. It was in March of 1903 that he signed up to become just the second Ford dealership in the United States.

Now, I'm not sure what happened to that first one, but Tenvoorde is still going strong. In fact, in addition to being the oldest Ford dealership in the world, according to, it's the oldest auto dealership in the United States!

So if at some time in the, oh, past 120 years or so you've purchased a Ford (or another brand) from Tenvoorde up there in St. Cloud, you're one of the thousands who has over the past century-plus.

And by the way, the Tenvoorde family still own the business, those proud descendants of Steve. They've come quite a way from that St. Cloud bicycle shop.

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