All humans are created equal right? Some, for various reasons, become more popular than the rest of us.

I happen to work in a business that requires not only gaining, but retaining followers. Both listeners on the radio and readers on the websites are in my task.

I dearly thank you for following me here. I try to bring you things of interest. This little list here may be just that for today.

I was trying to think of a way to see who the most popular people in the world are right now. One thing that came to mind was seeing who had the most followers on Twitter.

That could be an interesting measurement to look at. So I went to and here's what we learn.

Top 5 Celebrities On Twitter With Current Amount Of Followers:

  1. Katy Perry  51,339,186
  2. Justin Bieber  50,233,666
  3. Barack Obama  41,975,773 (Yes, two people out did the Prez)
  4. Lady Gaga  41,068,535
  5. Taylor Swift  39,662,239