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<p>Everything about this <em>YOUNG </em>man of just 49 years is so inspiring.</p><h3> </h3>

This is truly the key to life, to never give up on pursuing a lifelong dream

This story applies to all of us, no matter how old we may be. Some people may take a while before we begin to even try, but the urge should always be. Whether you have a "Bucket list" or not, when growing up, there usually is something that stays with us, a dream, a wish - and to make it a reality is so worth the chase. Ray Ruschel is his name and he is my new hero.

Playing football with his friends growing up, a dream begins

Everything about this YOUNG man of just 49 years is so inspiring. For 17 years he has been an active member in the North Dakota Army National Guard, and now he is a freshman in his first season as a defensive lineman for the undefeated North Dakota College of Science Wildcats - so how do the much younger players on the team react to Ruschel? With 100% positivity.

According to “They’ve all been very receptive of me coming in and playing,

Everyone that comes into contact with Ray is enamored with him, his Head Coach Eric Issendorf has nothing but praise, noting that he is always in a good mood, and spreads that through his teammates.

We have sports celebrities that flip a bat in their latest style when they hit a home run, then there are those that practice and perform a celebration in the end zone for all to see, hey great...But here is a guy who SHOULD be the ultimate role model for all of us.

Why? Because his words are so true "I want to live life, If I had the chance and I didn’t take it, I would regret it. I had a chance, and I’m taking it, and I’m living life to the fullest" 

See what I mean?

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