It's truly amazing how much social media influences our lives on a daily basis. It even presents numerous opportunities to connect with certain people we may not normally encounter. This includes having the chance to party with the Mayor of Sioux Falls.

A Sioux Falls resident, Bryce Wollmann took a chance on Twitter to ask the Mayor, Paul TenHaken to hang out with him at the new Dave & Buster's.  There was just one catch: Bryce needed to reach 5,000 followers on Twitter in order to party with the mayor.

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Mayor Paul TenHaken replied to Bryce's tweet indicating that he was on board with Bryce's request. So how long did it take Bryce to gain 5,000 followers? Less than a day.

Bryce easily managed to get enough followers to secure his wish to hang out with Mayor TenHaken at Dave & Buster's. The mayor's response to Bryce's victory was too perfect. He shared with Bryce via a tweet, "We are going to have a party the likes of Sioux Falls has never seen."

This epic Sioux Falls party is going to be formally known as the "Sioux Falls Palooza." Bryce told his Twitter followers that the shindig at Dave & Buster's will take place on Thursday, July 14th at 5:30 PM.

The new Sioux Falls Dave & Buster's has really created a lot of excitement around the Sioux Empire. I wonder what games Mayor TenHaken will play? Well Mayor Paul, if you need help deciding what games to play first just read this story. There are plenty of them to try, over 100 to be exact!

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