You see aspiring musicians almost every time you turn on the TV at night. American Idol and The Voice are staples in viewing around these parts, especially with country music fans. Over the years we've had the opportunity to meet some locals who're passionate about making music. They play gigs, they write songs and generally make people happy. Like Chris Reynolds and Joe Cunningham.

 Whiskey Rich is an Acoustic duo. Chances are you've seen them in the Sioux Falls area playing festivals and opening gigs at places like The District here in Sioux Falls. They have shared the stage with national headlining acts Sawyer Brown, Scotty McCreery, Night Ranger, Casey Donahew, and Michael Ray. I received an email from Reynolds the other day that said;
Chris here from Whiskey Rich. I hope you’re staying safe! Long time since I’ve seen you at a District show. I think I speak for everyone in saying that we took those fun moments for granted. Never again! We sure do miss playing shows ourselves.
We have a new EP coming out on May 6th and I thought I would at least ask you if you would be willing to play a song once or twice on the air.
The new EP, called Country Getaway, was recorded in my basement bedroom studio. The two of us played all the instruments ourselves except for the fiddle which was played by Joe's little brother, Shiloh Cunningham. We wanted to write some songs that would be fun to play live. Now with the COVID pandemic, I think the uptempo and good vibe songs are more important than ever! Even the one ballad, "How You Doin'" is an uplifting ballad about fond memories of a loved one passed on.
We've been keeping touch over the years. The first I wrote about the duo was in the summer of 2017.  heck out Whiskey Rich's Facebook page I'll make sure it happens before the release of their EP.
Photo by Code M Design
Photo by Code M Design
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