So, you do what?

I'm a pharmacist. 

That's kind of how it started. Chris Reynolds and I started conversing over Facebook. He had sent a copy of his song Whiskey Rich and was wondering if Kickin' Country ever played any local music that was produced right here in Sioux Falls. I started asking questions and Chris started answering:

I'm from Wyoming but came out for school (SDSU) when I was 18. I Started playing guitar in pharmacy school because I was bored. Now, I have a country duo with my good buddy Joe Cunningham. We have played every gig there is to play in Sioux Falls. I just love playing country music.

Whiskey Rich 4

I was intrigued. Here's a real life pharmacist who self medicates with Country Music. Reynolds said, We write all of our own music. We recorded the tracks in my basement so it's produced right here in Sioux Falls.

Then I asked how he met his band mate and that's when the story got good. Real good. It wasn't what you would call a relationship built on trust!

Joe Cunningham was born in Eastern Iowa and moved to Nashville shortly after high school. He and his brother (who still has a recording deal) had a band and were signed. It didn't amount to much but he lived and gigged in Nashville for 12 years then moved back here (Parker) with his wife.

Whiskey Rich 3

How we met is even crazier: I had a band and we gigged all Over Sioux Falls for a few years. Like all bands we broke up Cuz the drummer moved. So I had a gig at Copper Lounge coming up and no one to play with, so I put out a Craigslist ad on the musicians section. He answered. The first meeting to jam I drove out to his place in Parker. I brought an 8 inch hunting knife just in case. I didn't know the guy, maybe he was going to rob me. Only about a year and 30 gigs later did I learn he had a gun in his pants the whole time. Just in case I was a crazy murderer or something !!! Too funny! I brought a knife to a gunfight. Lol. Anyway,  we became good friends and have played together for about three years now.

If you'd like to get in touch with Chris you can email him at  And make sure you share this with your Facebook and Twitter friends as well!


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