There is no shortage of options that pop up when you type 'Sioux Falls' into the search bar on the YouTube home page.

A large number of them are from various travel sites offering tips about where to go and what to eat in South Dakota's largest city.

But of all of the videos that come up in the search, which has been viewed the most often?

A lot of people (including me) will say the December 2005 video of the failed implosion of the old Zip Feed Mill.

It does have 142,889 views, which is impressive, but it's not even close to the most-watched Sioux Falls video.

One video that is gaining momentum quickly is one from self-proclaimed 'World Class Professional Eater' Randy Santel chronicling his attempt to conquer the 100-ounce Chislic Challenge at Urban Chislic this past August.

That one has been watched 435,791 times.

But even with nearly half a million views, it doesn't come close to the most popular Sioux Falls video.

For that, you have to go back to July of 2018, and the most unlikely of topics for a viral sensation - dad jokes.

The seven-minute, 15-second video features Sioux Falls Fire Department Captain Nick Luther going toe-to-toe with Sioux Falls Police Officer John Estep in an attempt to see who can crack the other one up the most often.

In three-plus years, this battle royale has racked up an astonishing 7,909,143 views!

SPOILER ALERT: This epic isn't decided until the final joke.

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Two other Sioux Falls videos have topped one million views on YouTube.

A 2016 video of Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White touring South Dakota has been downloaded 2,437,878 times.

The other top Sioux Falls draw on YouTube is footage of a 2018 fight at a little league game, which has been viewed 1,083,453 times.

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