There are nearly 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States, which means there are that many towns and cities that include these campuses within their borders.

But not all college towns are created equally.

Some are exciting, vibrant places with an atmosphere that is enhanced by the nearby campus.

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Other college towns simply exist because of their proximity to campus and would more than likely dry and and blow away if if wasn’t for the school.

So where are the best college towns around?

Travel+Leisure has picked the top of the class on their list of the '25 Best College Towns and Cities in the U.S.' and there’s an Iowa town included in the bunch.

Iowa City, IA
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Right there along traditional favorites like Madison, Wisconsin; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Berkeley, California; and Lincoln, Nebraska is Iowa City, home of the University of Iowa.

So why the home of the Hawkeyes? T+L explains:

'Those looking to study literature should seriously consider a move to Iowa City. After all, it’s a UNESCO-designated City of Literature, making it a stellar spot to learn about (or write) all the great novels. And, as the home of The University of Iowa, it could be a perfect fit.'

Iowa City, population 74,828, is the fifth largest city in Iowa.

It was created by an act of the Legislative Assembly of the Iowa Territory on January 21, 1839, in order to move the capital there from Burlington, making it closer to the center of the territory.

It has been home to the University of Iowa since the school was established in 1847.


  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Lynchburg, Virginia
  • Madison, Wisconsin
  • Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  • Columbia, Missouri
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Tempe, Arizona
  • Iowa City, Iowa
  • Gainesville, Florida
  • Athens, Georgia
  • Lawrence, Kansas
  • Boulder, Colorado
  • Providence, Rhode Island
  • Tallahassee, Florida
  • Berkeley, California
  • Provo, Utah
  • Eugene, Oregon
  • Oxford, Mississippi
  • Syracuse, New York
  • Austin, Texas
  • Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Burlington, Vermont
  • Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  • Hartford, Connecticut
  • Ithaca, New York

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