Cars are nothing new in our modern society of course.

Today, and it may just be me, but cars seem to be looking more and more similar to each other regardless of make or model every year.

A Honda CRV looks similar to the Nissan X-Trail and a BMW Plug-in Hybrid just at an initial glance.

So what is the most popular car color? And what is the most common colored car in South Dakota?

The most common car color by far in SD is white according to iSeeCars.

In the study that iSeeCars did across the US, they found out of 9.4 million cars that are currently on the road were

"White narrowly edged black as the nation’s most popular color by less than one percentage point."-iSeeCars

White is the top vehicle color here in The Mount Rushmore State 23.2% of the time (almost a quarter!) who knew that we had that many white cars running around?

For a non-grayscale color, Red was the crowd favorite behind white.

The least popular colored car was purple which came in at 0.1% of cars on the road today.

Source: iSeeCars

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