We've all become quite accustomed to dealing with shortages at the stores over the past couple of years, but the latest item in short supply is impacting the abilities of one State of South Dakota agency to do its job.

The South Dakota Department of Revenue’s Motor Vehicle Division is dealing with a paper shortage that will force it to stop printing paper vehicle titles for at least the next three months.

The paper ordinarily used for printing titles has unique built in security features to prevent fraud. The Department anticipates being able to start printing paper titles mid-February 2023.

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The Department of Revenue is allowing individuals with legitimate reasons for acquiring a paper title now to request one by using an online form.

You may request a printed paper title if the titled owner is moving out of state or the vehicle ownership needing to be transferred.

If there is a lien on the vehicle title, the lienholder will have to request that the title be printed.

All requests will be reviewed and processed as paper supplies allow.

Titles are still being processed and individuals are able to check the status of their paperwork using their VIN number.

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