Cars, they come in all sizes, shapes, price ranges, comfort levels, and colors.

Some have high safety and reliability scores, others not so much.

When it comes to cars, the folks at Insurify say the most popular vehicle in the country right now is the Honda Accord. Here in South Dakota, we tend to gravitate towards pickup trucks the most often, according to the gang at They claim South Dakota's go-to-new vehicle at the moment is the GMC Sierra Pickup. (If you can find one that is.)

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On the subject of cars, and in particular the color of cars, what is your fave? Myself, I've always been somewhat partial to gray vehicles. Although, I just bought a white SUV, and I really like it.

Speaking of the color white, it probably won't surprise you, that white is the most popular car color in the country.

According to a study conducted by, 25% of the population claims to own a white-colored vehicle. Closely followed by black at 22%, gray at 18%, and silver at 12%.

The color white has a long reputation for being a vehicle owner's favorite because of its ability to be one of the easiest car colors to maintain. White is a very forgiving color. It doesn't show dirt or scratches all that often which makes it an attractive choice for prospective car buyers.

Research has shown that white-colored cars are also the least-ticketed in the nation. Safe, responsible drivers choose to drive white vehicles I guess.

We South Dakotans fall right in line with the national trends when it comes to car colors.

Here in the Rushmore State, 24% of South Dakota drivers choose to drive a white-colored vehicle, making white the most popular car color on South Dakota highways in 2022.

Conversely, yellow is the least popular color for a car right now in the country. The findings from showed that yellow cars just edged out gold cars as the nation's least favorite car color option, with purple and beige just above that.

The color blue was the top choice for drivers who choose to drive a vehicle that doesn't fall under the non-grayscale vehicle hue category. Blue was the top choice in 33 states in that particular category.

South Dakota also ranks fairly high when it comes to the most colorful cars.

Out of all 50 states, South Dakota is the 5th highest in the nation in terms of the variety of car colors on the highway. The most colorful car state in the nation right now is West Virginia, and the least colorful is California.

We all know there's nothing but a bunch of hoity-toity, boring, Mercedes, Beemer, Audi, and Jag owners out there, right?



We've all seen 'em.

That souped-up vehicle sitting next to you at the red light or blowing your doors off on the interstate.

When you lay eyes on one of those beauties, the thought runs through your mind - 'Man, I would get in SO much trouble behind the wheel of that bad boy'.

And you're probably right. But which vehicles on the road today are causing drivers to take the most risks?

BestLife story breaks looks at a study from North Bay Legal and Insurify to pinpoint exactly which vehicles are being piloted by the most reckless drivers, according to figures from the National Highway Safety Administration.

9 Ways To Ruin Your South Dakota Driving Record

Did you know that South Dakota uses a points system with your driver's license? Meaning that if you are convicted of a moving violation, get a ticket, you get a certain number of points.

If those points add up to 15 in one year, or 22 points in two years, you can get your license suspended. Then after the suspension, you'll have to pay application fees and the reinstatement fee.

So, what are the violation that can earn you the most points? Let's find out.



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