Sioux Falls and the tri-state area are in the middle of a heatwave. We are breaking records for the beginning of June with temps consistently reaching into the high +90s.

Some folks will want to take their dogs with them while running errands in town. And inevitably we will hear about a family pet that dies as a result of being left locked in a hot vehicle.

So what should you do if you witness a dog locked up in a car or truck in a parking lot around Sioux Falls on one of these hot summer days?

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Here is what the Sioux Falls Police Department posted on the topic...

"South Dakota summers can be brutal and we have to watch out for our furry friends left in vehicles. It only takes 6 minutes, depending on the heat index, for a car to reach scorching temperatures that are fatal to animals, even when your windows are rolled down!

You wouldn’t be comfortable sitting in your car in the sun with a fur coat on, so why would your pet be comfortable that way? If you see an animal left in an unattended car on a hot summer day please contact Animal Control immediately at 367-7000.

Let the dispatcher know the make, model, and license plate number of the vehicle. If you are in a large parking lot describe to the dispatcher where the vehicle is located so the officer can find it easier."

Sioux Falls Police Department via Facebook
Sioux Falls Police Department via Facebook

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