Picture this...you are going out on a date or you have to be at a social event but you are in a big hurry. You don't have time to do anything with your hair. How about clipping on an Instant Man bun!?

This seems wrong on so many levels. But apparently, there is a market for people who want others to point and stare at them in public cuz over at Amazon.com they are selling The Original Clip-On Man Bun.

The Original Clip On Man Bun-Amazon
The Original Clip On Man Bun-Amazon

Don't be confused by cheap imitations because you can get the cheap original for only $9.99.  For just a couple of bucks, you can show your friends and loved ones that you lack common sense.

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This hair catastrophe, which looks like you slapped the back end of a marmot on your head, has two fine combs that attach to a man's hair along with a rubber drawstring.

This should put you on notice. You are about to make a bad choice. The only way you should use a rubber drawstring in your fashion wear is if you are getting into a swimsuit or going to clown school.

I just had to check out the Amazon product reviews on the Clip-On Man Bun. This was one of my favs...

“This was a cheap piece of garbage. The color shown in the photo in the description does not match what was sent. When I touched it, hair just started falling out everywhere and made a mess. My floor began looking like a barber shop's floor. Packaging not that great, a plastic bag. Was expecting more.”

Really...you were expecting more? Cuz when I saw this I expected pretty much what that review described.

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