The time it took me to drive to Karl's TV and Appliance and Furniture in Sioux Falls from the radio station I heard no less than 3 commercials on the radio of businesses looking for people to work. While Driving there, I noticed 4 signs with businesses looking for work. And I was also reminded that construction season is in full swing. I had to detour several times to get there. So, what's this all about? A dishwasher rack.

A few years ago, we bought new appliances. I twisted my wife's arm to go to Karl's. Why she said. Because they might help me someday when I need help. This week I played that card. 

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Thursday afternoon the top wheel on the rail of our dishwasher failed. With it, our faithful servant the Whirlpool dishwasher was left not totally disabled but was only available on a limited basis. Glasses and other top rack items were stacking up in the sink. I called Karl's and a service guy, nicer than most answered the phone. He said, yep, we'll order one. You can pick it up and do it yourself. Then it came in, I stopped into the store to pick it up and a fellow named Marc helped me. I asked about instructions and he must have seen the panic in my eyes as he spoke. He closed the conversation with, If you run into trouble, just bring the rack in and I'll do it for you. 

Say what? In this day and age of businesses 'looking for someone, heck anyone to work, it was Karl's to the rescue. I took that rack out and took it into the store and within 8 minutes it was done.  I timed it. 8 Minutes. I think the Jimmy John's delivery guy had to wait longer to drop off a lunch! I swear to the good, Lord if it would have been me, I would have wasted a week, broke it for sure, and then had to take it in any way!

Shout out to Marc with a C and Karl's with a K. Thanks to them, my dishwasher is going to once again be humming quietly in the kitchen tonight.


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