Our recent Facebook question of "What Would You Like On Your Tombstone" garnered some funny stuff. There's some creativity in the Sioux Empire! Here we go...

Mike Marshall ~ "He didn't lead, he didn't follow, he didn't join in."

Pam Brobst Pedersen ~ "My husband's nickname is Bucky and he wants his to say 'the buck stops here.'"

BElaine Studt ~ "She loved fiercely, but loved Jesus more."

Mike Nelson ~ "Here lies an empty shell. The nut is gone."

Aaron Glanc ~ "Born : 1973
Died: in your arms tonight....must have been something you said..."

Bob Elrod ~ "Should have cried more. And ate more BBQ ribs."

Brennan Kuhrt ~ "He was a gent and a scholar, but mostly a baller."

Rodney Osborne ~ "Spend my deposit any way you wish !!!"

Sherry Sharp ~ "I told you I was sick!"

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Penny Kokkila ~ "Been there done that"

Mark Randall ~ "I'll be right back..."

Anonymous co-worker ~ "Well, it was time to hang up the nipple tassles anyway."

Matt Dangel ~ "Pepperoni and cheese."

Deb Condit ~ "Are you happy now? LOL"

Jeff TheNinja Reeve ~ "Finally"

Jeremy N Cary Jager ~ "What a a$$ hole"

Ray Wipf ~ "I said I have a cold not china covid!"

Derek Olson ~ "Vacant"

Robert N Rachel Koval ~ "It wasn’t COVID-19"

Paul Keegan ~ "Well....this sucks"

Kathy Buchholz ~ "I won't be remembered as a woman who kept her mouth shut."

Feel free to add more and thanks to those who gave us a good laugh today.

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