The '90s have aged well for country music. But what's made it that way?

Part of it is the artists themselves. So many of country acts that we know and love today really took hold in the '90s. Garth Brooks blew up in the early part of the decade and became the best selling solo artist of all time with 156 million in album sales to date. That's more than Elvis Presley.

Garth wasn't the only one who made an impression on country music fans though. Acts like Brooks and Dunn, Shania Twain, Toby Keith, Alan Jackson, Trisha Yearwood, Tim McGraw, and countless more took off in the decade.

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Remember line dancing? It blew up in the 1990s. Fans all over the U.S. were line dancing to the Boot Scootin' Boogie, Achy Breaky Heart, Any Man of Mine, and others.

What was it that made the '90s so great for country music? The songs. Some of the most listened to and enduring songs of all time came in that time. Friends in Low Places, Mercury Blues, How Do I Live, Should've Been A Cowboy. Songs that are timeless. What's your favorite country song from the '90s?

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