Sometimes artists or bands who choose to cover legendary songs originally performed by superstar musicians are taking huge risks.  One cover group, Anthem Lights, never turns away from this seemingly impossible challenge.  The group even took on a whole medley dedicated to Mr. Garth Brooks himself!

From "Friends In Low Places" to "The Dance," Anthem Lights put its own spin on some of Garth Brooks' biggest hits which have truly immortalized his career.  Although each song that Anthem Lights performs is not full of fiddles and guitars, the group still breaks down these country tunes with pianos and pure vocal talent.  In fact, other than when Garth himself is singing them, I have never heard these Garth Brooks’ songs sung with so much soul.

Anthem Lights posted its Garth Brooks medley back in October.  So, I'm a little late to this party.  However, I am glad I discovered this video of unique renditions of Garth's biggest hits.  I am and have been a fan of Anthem Lights for quite some time, and I never thought the band would dip into the country music world.  But it did so successfully without changing who they are as a group.

The cover band has been known to perform songs with more of a "choir-like" sound,  almost as if you were listening to this music in a church setting.  With that being said, performing country music from an artist like Garth Brooks is a risk for this group.  Personally, I liked it.  I believe it gives songs like "The Dance" a whole new meaning and perspective.

Check out the video for yourself, and you'll see what I mean.  Feel free to tell me what you think about this medley from Anthem Lights by emailing  I'm all ears!

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