I'd say if you grew up on a farm or ranch, maybe a small town or even a big city, there's a pretty good chance you were a member of the local 4-H Club.

I sure was, and so was my brother. In fact, while I wasn't all that, uh, handy with making things (or raising things), I remember my brother raising a calf and showing it at the local county fairs.

In fact, even if you weren't a 4-H member, I'll bet you went into the 4-H Barn at your County Fair to check out the animals and exhibits...and the purple, blue, red and white ribbons attached to each!

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While I suppose a 4-H Club could properly be described as a 'youth organization', it seems to be so much more. Since I wear a bit of age on my bones, for me it seemed to be for us farm boys. Wrong! Its for boys and girls both, and its not just for us farm young 'uns.

While it is technically administered in the USA by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture and the United States Department of Agriculture, there's plenty of the 'city kids' that are involved too. And that's a great thing!

And just how old is 4-H? Well, without getting into all the details (which you can get here), it was essentially born out of a statewide corn contest in 1882 in Delaware. I'll bet they never envisioned it going worldwide!

Oh, and what exactly do those four H's stand for in a 4-H Club?

Well, if you were a member, you know: Head, Heart, Hands and Health.

Does your local area have a 4-H Club? Probably. You can find out here.

Now, think back, back, back. Do you remember the 4-H Pledge? OK, bring back one of the warmest memories you have and recite along with the kids in the video below.

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